About Steve Shann

63 years old, father of four, I’ve been a teacher (mainly secondary English, but also primary), psychotherapist, writer and PhD student at different times for most of my adult life.

My interest in alternatives to the kind of schooling I had has been lifelong.

Most recently my professional interests have been with Web 2.0 (and specifically the use of Nings in my classroom) and with Teaching for Understanding (TfU).

In 2010 I moved to a full time job in the Faculty of Education at the University of Canberra, where I am an Assistant Professor working mainly (but not exclusively) with our secondary Grad Dip students.


6 Responses to About Steve Shann

  1. Leo says:

    Mr. Steve,

    It is great to learn that you are still guiding, mentoring and sharing your teaching know-how. When you get a chance send me an e-mail. I’ll be deploying again an getting a friendly word, would be welcome.



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  3. Charmaine says:

    Give in to the addiction Steve… Twitter beckons

  4. Wikisaber says:

    Dear sir:

    Firstly, we would like to congratulate your projects and practice that develops a teaching and learning innovative. We the editors from Wikisaber, an educational portal based on collaborative teaching and learning for the Spanish and Portuguese communities. Right now, we are searching and localizing the best practice around the world. If you are interested, please can contact us trough our e-mails:
    vsilva@wikisaber.es or ntorres@wikisaber.es
    We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration and look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Clare & Ruth says:

    Sup Stevie? We’re chillin’ with Tina in Hollywood. Lots and lots of love, C & R xxx

  6. Hi Steve,
    Remember the days from Duffy Primary School? You have certainly continued your interest in education. I’m now living in Castlemaine Victoria, father or 6, the youngest is 4 months old! Would be great to catch up.

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