Thanks to some folk I’ve never met

I’ve just this minute finished marking the 90 submissions written by my postgraduate students in the Literacy Across the Curriculum unit. This is the final task in what has been an intense little unit.

There is so much that I want to write about this experience. I’ve set aside time in December to do this writing.

Before then, though, I wanted to say a public thankyou to those people who helped me put it together.

Of course the main ones are my colleague, Kaye Lowe, and the students who gave such useful feedback as the course unfolded and who (whether they know it or not) influenced its shape and direction as we got under way.

But this thankyou is for a number of people I’ve never met in the flesh: Karen La Bonte, Teresa Bunner, Elfarran, Susan Carter, J. D. Wilson, Dan Sharkovitz.

During the middle months of this year, and then again in September, I mulled in my blog about where I was going with this unit. The people above encouraged, nudged and challenged that thinking. In particular Karen underlined the importance of challenging the students, Teresa helped me find a fertile question that worked (and it did work – more on that in December), and Elfarran gave me some ideas about thinking about our core discipline which I used in the course and which many of the students found took them right into the heart of things.

Thank you all. One of the joys of the internet is the way it helps break down the feeling of isolation in the classroom.

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2 Responses to Thanks to some folk I’ve never met

  1. readingteach says:

    Thank YOU, Steve for inviting us in to this conversation and allowing us to travel on this journey with you and your students. It has made me miss my own literacy class I taught once upon a time.
    Isn’t this whole online community thing amazing? I mean really, had someone once told me that I would come to depend on colleagues in Australia, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and a myriad of other locales I would have scoffed! But here we are, a group of educators who share and reflect and encourage each other. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around all of this, but there are some amazingly profound implications in this community we have built. I am looking forward to all you will share in your December writings. Wish you could be with us next week in Philadelphia for the NCTE conference. We will think of you as we gather!

  2. Karen says:


    Welcome back to this little virtual world. Sounds like you and your students had quite a rich experience; I look forward to hearing more about it! I have to second Teresa’s thanks– being able to ‘conversate’ with such committed educators is a joy.

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